3 Ways To Generate Sales Through Social Media

3 Ways To Generate Sales Through Social Media

So you’ve been using social media to engage with customers and grow your business, but now you want to start using social media to generate more sales. That is an excellent idea. It’s been found that social media is one of the top five marketing channels to generate an ROI, therefore is a powerful tool.

This blog is designed to help you understand and learn how social media and graphic design is some of the most promising methods for increasing revenue. While many of these will generate direct revenue, some play an important role in driving indirect revenue as well.

1. Be where your audience is

The foremost important rule is that you are advertising on the platforms that your social media audience are using. Using platforms they don’t use, simply will not work. If you are unsure on what platform they use then there are free tools that can help you identify where your target B2B customers are.

Firstly, look at your target demographic and find out where they’re most active. You can choose to use all platforms, but this can be costly and take up a lot of time, especially if you are producing all of your own content. Consider using a graphic design agency such as White Label Studio to have them produce all of your content so you can continue with your day-to-day and manage any customer enquiries from your social media.

If you are trying to target your B2B audience, LinkedIn is a great platform, along with Facebook, because each one has millions of users. Keyhole is an excellent tool for discovering where your target audience is most active. You can choose a popular hashtag that your competitors use for their campaigns, and then conduct a search using Keyhole.

2. Invest in Social Media Advertising

They start a few social media channels because it’s cheap, and it’s what everyone else does. Without investing in social media strategy, however, they rarely make a big impact. They post irregularly, rarely engage with followers and don’t develop a sophisticated voice. Social media remains essentially just a way for them to throw ads at customers now and then. And when that strategy doesn’t yield results, they put even less effort into it.

The truth is, posting to social media because you think you’re supposed to post will get you nowhere.

You’re better off with one really good social media channel than your competitor is with four semi-abandoned ones. If you take the time to develop your voice and strategy, post regularly and respond to messages and comments promptly, you can build a following your lazy competitors can’t possibly match — even if they’ve been on social for years longer than you have.

3. Create valuable content to educate your audience

One of the easiest ways to provide content it you don’t want to show behind the scenes work or design teams at work is by using infographics. You don’t have to do all the research or creation. If you find some genuine stats on a subject that you know will be important to your customers and present it together with illustrated graphic designs this can be valuable content to your potential customers. Again, these can take time and not be in everybody’s skill set, therefore using a graphic design agency, can take all the stress away from this as they can create them all for you for one monthly flat rate. Personally I’d avoid freelance work as it can be very costly, inconsistent and slow.

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