What type of social media content does best?

What type of social media content does best?

What type of social media content does best?

Have you ever wondered what type of content you should be sharing on social media or where is best to find content that will encourage your audience to engage with the post? Unfortunately or fortunately whichever way you look at it social media is here to stay and only going to become even more vital to every business.
The best way to not only survive but win in this ever demanding world is with a strategy. Without a strong and diverse strategy in place there is a good chance you may fall behind. With more and more businesses realising that they need a strong social media presence it’s a case of, if you don’t provide it, your competitors will. Below we’ve listed 3 of our favourite types of content that both captures your audience’s attention and are brilliant ways to showcase your business online.

1. User Generated Content
This is a brilliant way to increase engagement and reach and the best part is, you don’t have to create it yourself. The idea is that companies that use your product or service take pictures and then you can use them to advertise your services. This is especially useful if it’s a high profile client or customer as this draws extra attention, but failing that if John Smith shares an image using your product this adds validity to your customer base that everyday people can relate. Through user generated content, your audience will see that you are actively engaging with them and therefore they will engage with you by sharing their created content. One business that does this very well is GoPro as they frequently share content from their clients that use their products, providing amazing pictures and videos from around the world.

2. Podcast
As a business we are being asked more and more to produce branding and concepts for new podcasts and this is reflected by the huge increase of podcasts being created. Towards the end of 2019 there were a total of over 525,000 active shows and over

18.5 million episodes. As we are becoming more of a multitasking culture, podcasts fill the void where we can coincide them with other everyday tasks. We all care about our time and if there’s a way to save some, we’ll do it. Just like music or audiobooks, podcasts can be consumed while doing chores, going to the gym, washing the dishes, or just relaxing. They’re a great way to learn something new, catch up on news, or be entertained. Branding your podcast is so vital, with the market being more and more saturated it is important to stand out and provide additional content advertising your podcast which can only strengthen its position.

3. Infographics
Infographics are usually really easy on the eye and informative. This is why infographics usually get a lot of engagement and can often accumulate a lot of shares. Producing these infographics or sourcing them isn’t always the easiest task. It’s something we specialise in at White Label and it’s something we created 100’s of per month for our clients. At only £349pcm it is a cost effective way to get ample social media content for one flat rate, knowing you aren’t breaking the budget every month.
If you ever need support I’d recommend getting in touch and seeing how we can help. Our cost effective graphic design packages are scalable so that they can work with any size business, from start-up to renowned coperations.
Sometimes, using pre-made infographics can work well, but there is nothing like bespoke infographics showcasing that you are taking your marketing seriously!



If you are interested in how our flat rate, unlimited graphic design can help reduce your Marketing spend then please feel free to contact us at hello@whitelabelstudio.co.uk.

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