8 Social Media Content Ideas To Please Your Clients

If you’re part of a marketing team or a marketing manager with multiple responsibilities ranging from handling social media to organising blogs, you know just how daunting and time consuming all of these tasks can be.

A big one, is preparing and planning your social media content.

Arranging an entire month of new content that must be engaging, unique, and ensure consumers identify with your brand on all social platforms. This is no small task for a small team, let alone when you have multiple other marketing avenues to conduct.

If you are feeling although your social media is a little lackluster and not performing with the results you envisaged, try the below ideas to freshen up your social media feeds. 


1. Direct people from Instagram to your website.

To gain some additional website traction have you thought of incorporating ‘swipe-up’ features on Instagram stories and clickbacsk on Facebook posts? By migrating customers towards your website and blogs they don’t have to close the app to visit your website.

2. Conduct Polls

Again, coming back to Instagram which is one of the most engaging platforms out there, have you tried polls on Instagram stories? These can give you real time feedback directly from your audience. Asking questions like, “What content do you prefer us posting?” and giving them a couple of options such as “Client work we have completed” or “Behind the scenes content”. 

3. Share User generated content

User-generated content, or UGC for short, is any content that has been created and published by unpaid contributors aka your audience. This is a great way to post lots of content to your social media accounts without the need to create it yourself. Also your community and following can see that you are engaging and show interest in what your audience are posting.

4. Use LinkedIn to post and share articles and insights about your industry.

Think about what makes your company standout. While other social media platforms can show off brand personality, you can leverage your LinkedIn audience as a great tool for gaining new business. Articles and organic engagement on LinkedIn is mucher higher than any other platform as it looks very nowadays like an early version of Facebook. It’s always worth adding a CTA at the end of your posts so that it encourages your followers to do rather than just read. This keeps them engaged, drives more website traffic and can create more paying customers.

5. Highlight milestones of your business and employees on LinkedIn

Whether colleagues get promoted, just celebrated a birthday, or spoke at a recent event, this shows competition or job seekers, that you care about employee achievements and gives your business validity.

6. Create Graphics

We create 100’s of pieces of content for businesses social media and not surprisingly the companies that are posting the most tend to be doing the best. Frequent post shows a dedication to social media and shows that the business knows the value that is there. Syncing these graphics up to post on all accounts with platforms such as Hootsuite can save time as you can schedule weeks worth in advance.

7. Show the faces behind the business

People trust people, not services hidden behind snazzy websites. Showing who does what at a business and who is posting on the social media accounts makes it much more of a transparant, trusting, interaction. Humans rather than words on a screen will always give a greater connection.

8. Use dates and times to your advantage

Are there any funny ‘holidays’ coming up such as National Burger day? Use these to your advantage by making relevant content. 


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