Email Marketing in 2020

Over the past few years, email marketing has been getting a bad name, being called old fashioned and been branded as an old marketing tactic. More recently, marketing is leaning towards Instagram influencers and automated chatbots on websites to secure more leads and increase ROI.


All of this considered, email still time and time again proves its not dead in the water just yet!


If it’s numbers as evidence that you are looking for Email Monday have shown that amazingly, email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent, how’s that for an ROI? There is a reason you get email marketing daily from all of the major clothing brands for example, Adidas, Nike etc. Do you think they’d be using this method if it didn’t work? This truly demonstrates why email marketing is still so important. 

B2C Sector:

In the B2C sector, over 80% of employees believe that utilising email marketing directly results in retaining customers year on year. This figure is really high and with the cost of it being so low to send these emails it’s a really cost effective way to keep your customers up-to-date with offers, stats and new products/services. In response to this, over 59% of customers who receive these emails have said that these emails directly influence their decision to purchase the contents of the email. Again, an incredibly high number resulting in another win for email marketing.


That brings us nicely over to cost. As you can see from the mailchimp screenshot below, ( they use a sliding scale to determine cost, the more you need to send, the higher the price, but the cheaper the cost per send. The cost can range from £12.17 for 500 contacts per month – £405pcm for 100,000 contacts. They also offer custom packages for your big corporates. 




Email Content Design:

From what is reported by SalesForce, the average time that a user spends looking at an email is 1.1 seconds. In this time the user decides whether they want to continue reading or swipe onto the next email in their no doubt busy inbox. This is where the design of the email is crucial, a poor design and nobody will want to read on. 

Ensuring that your email design is clear, to the point and inviting ensures that you keep the users attention more than the 1.1 second average and they remain reading. It’s all to do with keeping their attention, with exciting headlines such as special offers, where you really need to utilise your USP and stand out from the other 1000’s of emails the user will receive.


When designing an email template for a client we will always aim to meet the following:


  • Ensure that the heading of the email is attention grabbing, unique and exciting
  • Always utilise your businesses branding so that they instantly know who the email is from without reading too far ahead.
  • Create bespoke infographics to consolidate information into bitesize, easy to read and absorb sections.
  • Visible CTA’s
  • We prefer (if you have the data) to personalise each email including company name and the end-user’s first name.
  • Optimising your email will always ensure it displays correctly despite the browser or medium in which it’s being displayed on.
  • We always will offer multiple options to give you some diversity in the design and ensure it is exactly what you were after. You always have the ability to then run them side-by-side to see which performs better for you.




Utilising email marketing is still very much one of the best marketing tools you can use and by implementing a good design you can ensure that the end user reads your message and acts upon your CTA. This will help your business grow, see a bigger ROI on your data sheets/customer lists and provide a clearer message to your customers. The creatively designed emails will keep their attention and reassert your message, which will in-turn reaps more sales.


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