5 Tips For Marketers On Banner Ad Design

Banner ads still play a huge role in marketing campaigns for a number of reasons, however, without the right design, they can become lost on a webpage and become unnoticed by the user. Throughout this blog, we’ll cover some actionable tips and take-homes to help make your banner ads stand out and perform. 

In the post below, we’ll cover 5 easy to follow tips that will help you with your next banner ad campaign. The 5 area’s we’re going to cover are:

  1. Design to stand out
  2. Design for the right banner size
  3. Make sure your copy is easy-to-read
  4. Have a clear CTA
  5. Keep it simple

We’ll include examples throughout the blog to make each point easy to understand and take in, but before we do so, let’s walk through what web banners actually are.

What Are Web Banners?

Web banners (or banner ad) is an advertisement displayed on various parts of a web page, usually consisting of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or a multimedia object (usually created using flash). 

All banner ads have the same basic function, once clicked on, your browser will take you to the advertiser’s website or landing page. Banner ads can be used by marketers to increase traffic, sell a particular product, grab attention or to announce sitewide discounts and sales.

5 Tips For Marketers On Banner Ad Design

Here are our 5 actionable tips for marketers to consider when managing a banner ad campaign, our goal throughout the rest of this article is to provide clear advice with examples that you can follow on your next campaign. 

1. Design to stand out

Usually when creating a banner ad, it’s common practice to avoid white backgrounds, the main reason being that a large percentage of web pages they appear on already have a white background and the ad will blend in. 

We usually suggest opting for a bright, bolder background to catch the eye of the viewer. This will help draw attention to your ad, no matter what webpage your ad is placed on. 

2. Design for the right banner size

When it comes to banner sizes, there are so many different banner sizes to opt for, however, we feel it’s more important to focus on the top performing ad sizes in your campaign. According to Google the top performing ad sizes are:

300×250 (Medium Rectangle)

336×280 (Large Rectangle)

728×90 (Leaderboard)

300×60 (Half Page)

320×100 (Large Mobile Banner)

3. Make sure your copy is easy-to-read

One mistake marketers make is trying to include too much information on a banner ad. Taking into consideration the sizes these will be on a web page, we feel it’s important to include a maximum of two to three lines of text, preferable in a bold variation of your font. 

Another common mistake we see marketers make is the colour combinations used on the ads, when taking into consideration the comments from point 1 about the background colour, we feel it’s best to opt for a white/black type colour, perhaps using another colour to highlight key works and buttons. 

4. Have a clear CTA

Not including a CTA on a banner ad is pretty pointless and may seem like an obvious thing to do, however, believe us, we’ve been asked to remove them before… 

On a banner ad, you need to tell your audience what action to take, this will help click-through rates and overall conversions from your campaign. Use phrases such as:

“Learn More”

“Try Today”

“See More”

“Shop Now”

These include a physical verb at the start on each work as you’re telling people to do something or take action from your ad. 

5. Keep it simple

When creating your banner ad, it’s easy to try and fill it with as much information about your product or service as possible. However, we find, with too much information it’s difficult for the view to understand what you’re actually selling. 

With clear, concise messaging and imagery, you’ll allow the viewers to easily understand what you’re actually selling.

Final Words

To conclude, in our opinion, banners should be simple, easy to understand and have bold creative and by applying the above 5 tips, you’ll be onto a winning formula.

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