About CM.com

CM.com is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce that enables businesses to deliver a superior customer experience. CM.com believe that mobile communication will result in mobile commerce. Therefore, they continuously develop their private cloud platform, shaping the future of Conversational Commerce. CM.com’s customer base is spread over 118 countries, generating messages to more than 220 destinations.



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The Task.

The creative team at CM.com approached White Label to support with an increase of creative output required, that was too much for their internal team. Instead of hiring internally, CM.com tasked White Label with matching the quality of their internal team and supporting with a high amount of output moving forward.

Our Solution.

After a number of initial meetings, the leadership team at White Label decided that Emma would be the perfect match for CM.com. Emma has a strong eye for detail, a professional approach and efficient in her creative work. 

Client Feedback.

“I just wanted to say Emma has been a dream to work with, she constantly communicates, is racing through our tasks and we’ve already been able to get so much done. She’s a real asset to our external team!”

Where quality remains constant and quantity is flexible.