How It Works For Agencies

Whether you’ll be using White Label as a stand alone design resource, or your assigned Creative will be an additional team member, we can integrate into your team seamlessly.

Assigning The Most Suitable Designer

Ensuring we assign the most suitable Designer from our internal team, is such an important step. 

This is why we are certain the Designer we hand match to your account has worked in your sector previously, understands your market and on-going requirements.

Yes, as we allocate you a Designer from our team to work with your brand, we ensure that they are not only a good technical match, but a good personal match as well. This leads to a better integration into your team and an improved relationship. By keeping the same Designer this also allows for improved continuity across projects and helps speed up project turnaround time.

All of our Designers are extremely talented Middleweight Creatives, working to a very high standard. Some have more experience than others and each excel in specifics such as branding or video editing. Each Creative is vetted pre-employment to ensure they are brilliant across the capabilities that we offer, ensuring quality for our clients. Each of our team has worked with multiple different brands in the past and understands how different businesses, whether B2B or B2C, require a different look and feel to their audience.

Setting Up The Most Efficient Workflow

Another perk of using White Label Studio is the ease of integration for our clients. We ensure the onboarding process is seamless, especially if your Designer is going to be an extension of your current team.

We often find that businesses often have a set way of working. Whether that be a certain point of contact for Design tasks or an internal workflow tool, such as or Asana, which we’re happy to be invited into. If you would prefer, we can set up a Trello board for you which can be used to brief, proof and prioritise ongoing projects.

Yes, we are more than happy to join your internal project management tool, whether Asana, Slack, Teams, Trello or Basecamp. When onboarding a new client, we always offer a bespoke Trello board to help manage their projects and ensure deadlines are met.

With every client we work alongside, we ensure communication is frequent and efficient. This can be achieved by using a workflow tool, such as Microsoft Teams, Asana, Slack, Basecamp or you can communicate via email, phone or video call.

Getting To Work On Your First Project

After introductions and we’re set up with a workflow of your choice and we have received your first brief, your Designer will get started, delivering a first proof to you within 24 hours.

We’ll ask any relevant questions we need before starting the project to ensure we get each project right first time.

Of course, we understand that some Agencies need to charge an hourly rate on to their clients and also use hours to log productivity and for cost analysis. Our custom Trello boards have options for time logging and we also can use online tools such as Clockify to report your hours.

What Output Can I Expect Each Week?

Our output typically comes down to the complexity of the project. The more detail we have, the quicker we can complete.

On average, we work between 20 and 100 pieces of content for our clients each month, which range from videos and gifs through to social media posts and web design.

Our Agency Plan

Working with a UK-Based Graphic Designer Daily to produce work for your clients.


+VAT, pcm

No, as we work strictly 30 days at a time on our monthly plans, this means there is no on-going monthly contract to sign.

We request payment upfront, which then covers you for the next 30 days ahead and we accept payment via direct debit or BAC’s. Once you receive your second invoice from us, you have the choice to opt out and pause the service or pay and continue.

Yes, with the majority of the Agencies we work alongside they request us to sign a non-disclaimer, which we always oblige. We never retain the rights for any of the work we produce, as it is always owned by the client or Agency as per your terms. 

Our service is completely scalable meaning you can take extra accounts to receive more Designers and daily support. Essentially, this allows you to build yourself an external design team to the size you require, as per your demand. You can add additional plans and resources for busy periods, then simply reduce them when they are no lomnger required, with each plan lasting for 30 days at a time.

No, our monthly costs are completely flat. We do however offer single projects quotes including all of our capabilities plus web development.

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