About Lickd.

Lickd is a digital platform helping YouTube content creators legally use the music they love. Lickd provide commercial music from real labels for licensing into YouTube Videos.


Video & Animation

Social Media Design

Digital Design

The Task.

The marketing team at Lickd approached White Label back in 2020. They were looking for a cost-effective solution to produce all of their creative content. Before working with White Label, Lickd were using a number of Freelancers, spending a large amount each month and finding inconsistencies in their creative. 

Lickd were looking for a partner that they could work with on a daily basis that understood the brand and could help take their creative content to the next level. 

Our Solution.

Working closely with Isabel now for a number of months, we’ve helped solve the issue that the marketing team at Lickd were facing. Our daily service has allowed Lickd to have confidence that Isabel can continuously produce their creative content, as and when they need it.

Where quality remains constant and quantity is flexible.