Pantone Colour Of The Year 2022: Very Peri

About Pantone


For those that aren’t aware of the American colour company, Pantone sets one of the most widely recognised colour standards across the globe and has more than 10 million designers and producers that rely on the Pantone products. 


Since the year 2000, the company’s research arm, Pantone Color Institute, has selected a Colour of the Year, chosen using seasonal trend forecasts, colour psychology and colour consulting.


Pantone Colour Of The Year 2022


This year, Pantone has announced that the 2022 colour of the year is Very Peri, Pantone 17-3938. The colour is described by Pantone as “a periwinkle shade of blue” and according to the company encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.


Pantone references numerous times throughout the document that “we are living in transformative times” and “we are moving into a world of unprecedented change” and later go on to summarise that the colour displays a “carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates creative spirit”. 


Our Take On The Colour


At first glance, the 2022 colour of the year might not look like much, but when you dive deeper into the reasoning behind the new selection, we think the selected colour provides a positive outlook on the world we live in today and we’re excited to see how as an agency, we can implement the new colour into any visual identity and brand projects we work on throughout the year. 


Implementing ‘Very Peri’


As a creative agency with over 30 designers working remotely across the UK, every Friday, we host a workshop where our team get together into smaller groups and take on a new creative brief set by our Studio Manager, Alex Rogers. Last week, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to implement ‘Very Peri’ into the creative brief. The teams only have 1 hour to turn this creative idea into finished work. 


The brief was to create a new brand and visual identity for a faux company called ‘Zero Gym’. 


Alex added: Pantone’s spirit of moving into a world of unprecedented change resonated with our own ambitions and quick growth as a creative design studio in a rapidly changing industry.


I wanted to set a challenge that took something pretty tried and tested like branding a gym but introduce a few challenges; eco credentials that I think holds a wonderful synchronicity with Pantone’s message for transformative times and of course the colour – Very Peri – itself. It felt like a good start to 2022, to create something done time and again but with a new mindset.


The brief set out by our Studio Manager can be found below:


Zero Gym


Brand development for Zero Gym a new chain of environmentally conscious gym’s across the UK.


Zero Gym are developing to be the market leader in gym chains. They want to challenge the likes of Pure Gym, Virgin or Nuffield to be at the centre of the UK’s go-to gym market. 


Their selling point is their stance on the environment. Zero plastic, Zero carbon emissions, Zero waste. This will be their USP to a more environmentally conscious consumer.


The brand could also look to expand into merchandise, whether it be fitness wear, energy drinks, or healthy snack bars. This would be future-proofing the brand.




Must be In keeping with current design trends


Must use the current Pantone colour of the year at the core of the brand colour scheme (though colours can be built around this).



  • Brand Logo / Identity
  • A simple tag line to accompany the brand identity
  • 1 piece of print advertising (could be a billboard, flyer, postcard or anything)
  • 1 piece of social advertising (Instagram story or post)
  • Something that shows the potential/future of the brand.


The Friday Workshop Output


With only 1 hour to complete this creative brief, some of the team produced some amazing creative concepts which we’re pleased to present below.

Jordan Pincombe

Jordan Pincombe is the Co-founder at White Label Studio.
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