About Shepper.

Shepper are a physical asset checking company that produces instant digital reports through an application. 

Shepper have a team of ‘Shepherds’ that carry out asset checks across the country. Founded in late 2016 entrepreneurs Carl August Ameln, Ben Prouty (previously behind disruptive start-ups Streetcar and Lovespace) and Jan Vanhoutte. In 2018 we raised $5.4M in Series A funding, led by Aviva Ventures, Norway’s Idekapital and Angel investors.


Video & Animation

Social Media Design

Digital Design

The Task.

The marketing team at Shepper reached out to White Label after an extremely succesful rebrand. The key objectives from the Shepper team were help produce continous marketing content that mirrored the quality of their recent rebrand and current assets. 

Shepper weren’t in the position to internally hire, however, needed daily support from a consistent creative. 

Our Solution.

After our initial conversation with Shepper, we had a number of internal creative’s that would have been a great match, however, we felt that Carla would be the perfect match based on her past experience, eye for detail and professional attitude towards her clients.

Client Feedback.

“I’m really impressed with Carla’s work & how easy she is to work with. Makes my life 10 times easier having design help! Have heard from a few other people on the team that they’re also very happy with what she’s been doing.”

Alex Lawrence, Content Marketing Manager

Where quality remains constant and quantity is flexible.