A letter from our founders: monday.com is now a public company!

Today we are celebrating a very exciting moment for monday.com. Making monday.com a public company is, in many ways, just the beginning of our journey to empower businesses with our Work OS. But before we start this next chapter, we want to take a moment to recognise what got us here: our ever-evolving product, our incredible team and culture, our passionate customers, and the people working everyday to make the world a better place.

To all of our customers, partners, and supporters— current and future,

When we first started monday.com, we started it with a mission: to give our customers the power to create their own work software. To do that, we revolutionised the way people use software, giving them the same abilities once reserved for software creators and designers.

Now, over 120,000 customers later, our customers use monday.com in ways we could have never imagined. The solutions our customers have created to address their needs could never have been created by anyone else.

With that mission, we are leading in a new category called Work OS.

From the early days of monday.com, we were fortunate to find a team that shares the same passion for building great digital products. Together, we built an amazing company that we hope will further shape the future of work.

Our customers are our partners. We are continuously molding our platform’s future together.

As the number of our customers grew, we heard more and more stories of how we changed their businesses, and, for some, their lives. We began to feel an ever-growing sense of responsibility — a responsibility to be there for our customers with world-class support and an ever-improving platform that allows them to do anything their business demands or their imagination takes them towards.

We took that “no limits” approach to new heights when we opened up the platform completely for integrations to any other app or data source. We added even more freedom with our apps marketplace, where each customer can extend the platform for themselves. We believe this leads to happy customers that not only love our product but also feel they are a part of our journey.

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