Video & Animation

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Video & Animation

Video and animated content is now an integral part of companies marketing strategies. Whether it’s used to explain a product or a service, for a punchy ad, for your content marketing or to animate elements of your site. 

At White Label, over the past few years we’ve seen a significant increase in video and animation production and now offer it as part of our monthly plans. 

Animated Explainer Video's

Explainer video’s combine visuals, messaging and audio to create a fast-paced overview of a product, service or brand. 

At White Label, we take our time to understand the purpose of the video and then collaborate with yourself to project manage the video from start to finish to get your ideal end result. 

Animated Social Content

For those marketers that put content marketing at the forefront of their strategy, animated social content allows you to get multiple pieces of content across in the same post. 

Animated Paid Social

Utilising video and animation on paid social campaigns allows companies to get their full message across in one video as opposed to multiple ads with individual messaging.

Raw Footage Editing

Our video editing service can edit existing recorded video footage and turn live footage into polished videos for promoting business services, products, training and events. 

Single Brand


The perfect plan for any business looking for daily support, from a dedicated Designer from our internal UK team.



This plan caters for Agencies that need support not only for their own brand, but for their clients work as well.

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